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Simon Remarriage

The words ‘damaged/cracked/punctured/broken' make pictures depicting the ex-officer genuinely yet additionally alluding to how these words could be utilized to portray the messed up affection. Along these lines, it has been clarified that the adoration has gotten agonizing and horrible as a result of war. Additionally, the figurative utilization Of ‘frozen waterway' and ‘blown pivot' mirrors a combat area. The word ‘frozen' could reflect how the relationship has gotten still and dead. The storyteller expresses that his jaw is a ‘blown pivot', proposing that he is not, at this point open to her and incapable to talk f his horrendous experiences.The picture of savagery is additionally joined inside ‘Quadric' through a western topic demonstrating the force of the relationship. ‘High early afternoon' and ‘calamity' embed the picture of a deadlock in the wild west. This picture of the stalemate is deduced to be tantamount to the relationship through the excruciating contending that the once want has transformed into. Duffy references ‘hard alcohol' to propose that the relationship is crazy and has transformed into something that is unfortunate additionally that if love turns out badly it can carry troubles alongside it. Manhunt' is comprised of a progression of couplets.The type of the sonnet makes a feeling of discontinuity and the phases of procedure and search that the storyteller has experienced so as to discover and mend their affection. The arrangement of couplets can be viewed as a stepping stool that she is attempting to move to recover love again, similar to the picture of the ‘broken ribs'. Likewise, the rhyme conspire is unpredictable recommending how the quality of the relationship is continually evolving. There is an individual tone to this sonnet as a great part of the themes are close to home and it is very conversational, inducing the lady is getting a kick out of the chance to her better ha lf however can't overcome because of his physical and mental damage.Similarly, ‘Quadric' is organized to mirror the adoration in the relationship. This sonnet frames a messed up poem, indicating the impacts of the wrecked love. Duffy may have utilized enjambment between refrains to catch the possibility of tenacious agony and that she wouldn't like to complete the sentence and the relationship. The procedure of enjambment has been utilized to isolate ‘I'm all' from ‘alone' mirroring the segregation the ladies feels. Simon Remarriage consolidates numerous delicacy and care descriptors: ‘mind/hold/join in'.

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Critically assess how extract from Machiavelli's Prince relates to the Essay

Basically evaluate how remove from Machiavelli's Prince identifies with the contemporary issues concerning globalization and the busi - Essay Example Efficient states and astute sovereigns have consistently made careful arrangements not to make the nobles despair, and to fulfill the individuals and keep them content; this is one of the most significant errands a ruler must undertake.’1 Globalization is the term used to allude to the ceaseless procedure by which various economies, social orders, societies and conventions associate with each other (Berberoglu, 2005). A worldwide organization is an organization that has activities in more than one nation. Multinationals have for an exceptionally significant time-frame been the significant operators of globalization. Global business has been in presence since abroad exchange started (Toporowski, 2010). In the specific circumstance, the Prince in Machiavelli’s book can be compared with multinationals or organizations which have universal tasks. In this time of fast globalization, there are numerous issues that worldwide organizations face as they attempt to manufacture ne w ground in different pieces of the world (Berberoglu, 2005). ... He says that when one has the generosity of the individuals, he ought not have motivation to stress that he won't get their help and collaboration. Nonetheless, he cautions that any individual who dares to an outside spot and neglects to pick up the people’s altruism, he will undoubtedly bomb in whatever that he is doing. Machiavelli’s guidance to the Prince can be utilized to take a gander at how worldwide organizations today can flourish in new regions of tasks. The facts confirm that an organization can't simply choose to begin tasks in a specific place and proceed with it. There are hardly any things that the organization needs to satisfy before business can begin. A significant number of companies attempting to kick things off in new markets have been not able to do as such because of the way that they don't have the generosity of the nations where they need to set up tasks (Choucri, 1991). There have been various universal bodies and associations that have been se t up to guarantee that worldwide dealings are commonly reasonable. The greater part of these associations were shaped through settlements to guarantee that exchange between nations doesn't support one nation to the detriment of the other. The associations likewise control how global companies work in remote nations with the goal that no gathering feels deceived. The guidelines set out by these associations help global organizations to pick up acknowledgment in new locales or nations, as long as the organizations satisfy certain commitments (Toporowski, 2010). Two of these associations are examined underneath. The World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a global association that manages and directs the standards of exchange

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Bureaucratic Control System

In this task I will talk about the error from the Sandwich Blitz situation that I viewed. I will likewise be examining how the issue could have been evaded, how the Bureaucratic Control System could be applied, and the means with the framework. There was an issue with the boss permitting a representative to report time that wasnt worked in that particular payroll interval. By having a control framework set up will relieve numerous inconsistencies that might happen on the grounds that there would be convention and disciplinary activities. The bureaucratic Control framework is intended to gauge progress toward set execution objectives and to apply remedial measures. This is basic in maintaining any business. How might you maintain a business without structure? With this framework there are decides and principles that should be followed. This is the place the four stages of the control framework become possibly the most important factor. Setting execution gauges is the initial phase in the control framework. These norms explain what is not out of the ordinary from staff. On account of Sandwich Blitz, Dalman and Lei had no principles set up so the representatives didnt comprehend what was anticipated from them. This empowered the manager to permit a staff part to report hours that were not yet earned. Estimating execution is the second step in the control procedure. Its fundamentally creating techniques to gather and arrange what is happening inside the organization. This is unquestionably a stage that should be taken with Dalman and Lei. They have to have a plunk down and see what is new with their finance. Perceive how much harm that had been done up to this point. I would recommend that their center administration report submit lower level staff time on a week after week premise so it tends to be represented in like manner. Contrasting execution and the norm, in my words is assessing the measures that were set up. This progression was really taken in Sandwich Blitz since this is the means by which Lei distinguished the error with the unpaid time. By assessing representatives execution there could be an assessment for preset gauges. Applying this procedure, Dalman and Lei can perceive what works for their business and what dont work for them. The last and fourth step is talking activity to address issues and fortify victories. The in-content significance of this is to guarantee that tasks are acclimated to accomplish the arranged outcomes or to keep surpassing the plain if the supervisor discovers that is conceivable. (BatmanSnell, 2009 P297) as such its expressing that once the norms are set and we make restorative move to guarantee that the techniques and gauges are comparing. In synopsis, following the bureaucratic control framework is expected to manage. Rules and guidelines must be set up to avoid pointless issues A business needs a formalized structure, for example, organization. Gauges are the highest priority on the rundown for me in light of the fact that once that is set up the blue print of activity is all together. Alongside development and correcting incorrectly, everything else is going great.

Prehistoric Barrows found in the Stonehenge Landscape

Area of Prehistoric Barrows The staggering ancient hand trucks found inside Stonehenge scene stay significant chronicled locales with a substantial archeological essentialness to the current world (Chippindale 1994, p.24). To visit the ancient site one needs to take a train or a transport to handily get to the Stonehenge ancient site as found in figure 1.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Prehistoric Barrows found in the Stonehenge Landscape explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Fig.1 Stonehenge as taken from expand in 1906 Adopted from English Heritage Photo Library J050113 On appearance, one can see the vehicle leave which is the arrival point for all guests. It is a paid stopping place during the high season, particularly from June till August. The leaving expense is deferred for guests with participation cards; in any case the money installment is made to vehicle leave chaperons. There comes the better piece of site undertakings behind the ve hicle leave Stonehenge as a world legacy site is blessed by the gods with both long and round dump carts that are inside strolling good ways from the vehicle leave. From a nearby look, one can see round and long hand trucks that were unearthed in the nineteenth century by archeologists Cunnington and Sir Richard Colt. Through barrows’ exaction, they uncover the Stonehenge site as a significant entombment scene existing for around one thousand years. In any case, it requires a sharp perception to perceive bronze matured round hand trucks due to furrowing activities.Advertising Looking for exposition on paleohistory? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The long pushcarts The long carts are the most old entombment hills that can be seen in Stonehenge that were utilized with the end goal of common internment. The long wheelbarrels are handily recognized by their rectangular shape with the length of around 99 feet with chalk ver tical dividers. The unearthing uncovers bones of covered individuals looking eastwards however a few sections were evacuated presumably for familial love [see figure fig.2]. Fig.2 long pushcarts remaining Round Barrows The round wheelbarrels speak to roundabout hand trucks that were worked during the Bronze Age with mean to cover network pioneers. The round hand trucks are arranged into burial grounds and lords pushcarts that upgraded use of dump carts for a long time. Strolling through the field, one notification various round carts which can be characterized by their shape (Chippindale 1994, p.47). There are round dump carts known as bowls that have a discard and a hill and jettison. Also, there are chime and circle pushcarts that have a bank, focal hill and a roundabout dump (Flinders-Petrie 1880, p.58). The vast majority covered in round wheelbarrels had their grave merchandise that are instrumental recognizing a female from male individual. The sorts are very much shown underne ath in figure 6 and 7. Promoting We will compose a custom exposition test on Prehistoric Barrows found in the Stonehenge Landscape explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Fig. 6 kinds of round Fig.7 hedge hand trucks Kings carts Kings wheelbarrels show graveyards that are situated on the edge of the eastern Stonehenge that incorporate 14 internment hills (Stukeley 1740, p.49). The lords hand truck can be found as far as new and old ruler dump carts. Lords wheelbarrels can be unmistakably found in figure 3 and 4 underneath. Fig.3 rulers dump carts saw in the snow embraced from English Heritage NMR, DP136315 Advertising Searching for article on archaic exploration? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Fig.4 Fig.3 rulers wheelbarrels saw in the snow The Cursus The Cursus misleads the west of Stonehenge making a rectangular earthwork running 1.8 miles towards west-east arrangement (Richards 2007, p.19). The Cursus has a width of around 100 meters - 130 meters with trench outward as appeared in figure 5. Fig. 5 cursus Therefore, Stonehenge ancient site is a world legacy portrayed by its landmarks that denoted the created innovation and imaginative accomplishments of individuals in the antiquated occasions (Heck 2007, p.92). Notwithstanding that, Stonehenge site is as yet significant as outline and contribution to landmark development. Reference List Chippindale, C 1994. Stonehenge Complete, Thames and Hudson, London. Chippindale, C 1994. Stonehenge, Thames and Hudson, London. Flinders-Petrie, W M 1880. Stonehenge: plans, depiction and speculations, Stanford, London. Hell, C 2007. â€Å"A new medieval perspective on Stonehenge†, British Archeology, Jan/Feb 2007, p. 92. Richards , J 2007. Stonehenge: the Story up until now, English Heritage, London. Keley, W 1740. Stonehenge, a sanctuary restor’d to the British Druids, W. Innys and R. Manby, London. This article on Prehistoric Barrows found in the Stonehenge Landscape was composed and put together by client Kason W. to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; nonetheless, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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How Much Do People in Your State Spend on Valentines Day

How Much Do People in Your State Spend on Valentines Day How Much Do People in Your State Spend on Valentines Day? How Much Do People in Your State Spend on Valentines Day?Find out which state is planning to spend the most, and which two states are tied for last place with plans to spend a whopping zero dollars.What are your plans for Valentines Day this year? Are you thinking a quiet, inexpensive night in with a home-cooked meal and romantic movie? Or are you thinking a massive, expensive blowout with a fancy dinner, carriage ride, and a personal string quartet?People celebrate  (or choose not  to celebrate) Valentines Day  in tons of different ways, each with their own price tag.  So how does the cost of your plans compare to the cost of other peoples?  Are you spending more or less than the average person? Wouldnt you like to know?Its funny you should ask!We conducted a Google Survey, asking almost  2,500 people how much theyre planning to spend this Valentines Day; then we broke the results down by age, gender, and state of residence (including Washington D.C.).Overall, it looks like people a rent breaking the bank this year. On average, folks are planning to spend  just $33.64 on Valentines Day festivities, an amount that will barely cover the cost of a movie for two and some snacks  â€" let alone dinner, a gift, or any heart-shaped chocolates.Check out our interactive map below to see how your state stacks up.The Big PictureSo how did your state do? Whether youre deeply offended or incredibly proud of the numbers from your home turf, there are other ways to break down the results of this survey. Take a look at the following stats:People surveyed: 2,481Average amount spent: $33.64Mens average amount spent:  $41.38Womens average amount spent:   $25.85Average difference in spending between men and women: $15.53The numbers might be a little lower than you thought, but it all seems to track, right? Well strap on your big kid pants, cuz here comes the real doozy:44 percent of  all  respondents said that they planned to spend a whopping  zero dollars.Thats more than we antic ipated. Is something happening out there, America? Something we should be made aware of? Are you all doing okay? Do you want us to talk to Oprah? See if theres something she can do?Thats okay. No need to respond. Well talk to  Oprah and get back to you. But spending $0 is better than looking for a payday loan online.State-By-State  Takeaways:The award for cheapest (or perhaps loneliest) state goes to  Its a tie! Respondents from Alaska and North Dakota all reported spending $0 dollars on Valentines Day. To be fair, it gets  very  cold in both those states come February, so maybe folks are just  cuddling up for the night.Albuquerque is for Lovers.  New Mexico finished number one in our survey, and the results werent even close. Respondents in that state had an average spend of $168.24, which was almost  $100 more than the next highest average (Connecticut, $69). New Mexico also reported the highest average spend for men at $267. Women in New Mexico only spent an average of $28.33, wh ich means that New Mexico also has the highest spending gap between men and women at $238.67.The 10 highest-spending states all spent above $42. Aside from New Mexico, three states spent above $60: Connecticut, Missouri, and Texas. The next six states on the listâ€"Louisiana, Idaho, Hawaii, Alabama, Tennessee, and Kansasâ€"all spent between $42.04 and $48.85. Oddly enough, no state recorded an average spend in the $50-range.Idaho has the highest average spend for women.  Female respondents in Idaho reported spending an average of $71.50 on Valentines Day, more than in any other state. Oh, and for whats it worth, men in Idaho only reported spending $26.25. If theres an uptick in Idaho boyfriends  being sent to sleep on the couch  come February 15th, well know why.Women are spending more than men in 14 states.  In addition to Idaho, women are spending more than men in  Colorado Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, South Dakota, T ennessee, and Washington DC. Four of those statesâ€"Louisiana, Idaho, Tennesse, and Kansasâ€"are top ten spenders overall!Maine is the only state  where the average spend (non-zero category) was below $10. Congratulations? We guess? Respondents in Maine are planning to spend an average of $9.67. So while thats better than the goose eggs put up by North Dakota and Alaska, Maine is still the only state where people planned to spend money and yet couldnt even crack a single Hamilton.Indiana has the smallest gap between what men and women plan to spend.  This is another statistic that  falls into the non-zero category as both male  and  female respondents in Alaska and North Dakota  planned on spending nothing. Women in Indiana plan to spend $17.61 and men in the state plan to spend $17.20 for a difference in spending of only $0.41.  The only other state with a difference in spending below $1 is South Carolina ($0.80).Results by Age GroupOverall spending by age group:AgesAverage Spent18 -24$20.9425-34$32.7435-44$35.9645-54$38.7455-64$39.5165+$27.77Heres  how much men spent broken down by age group:AgesAverage SpentMale 25-34$41Male 35-44$43.66Male 45-54$42.37Male 55-64$60.42Male 65+$25.70And heres how much women spent by age group:AgesAverage SpentFemale 25-34$22.87Female 35-44$28.03Female 45-54$34.66Female 55-64$20.86Female 65+$29.96Age Group TakeawaysOverall, ages 18-24 spent the least.  This makes a lot of sense. Folks between the ages of 18 and 24 are just starting out in life, which translates to less disposable income to spend on stuff like Valentines Day. Were sure they made their partners lots of great coupons for free snuggles and one home-cooked meal though. Spending also tails off once folks hit 65-plus, which is also understandable. Once youve through half a century of Valentines Days, the luster kind of wears off.From ages 25-54, the amount of money men spend holds steady.  Between the ages of 25 and 34, Men spend an average of $41. Between 35 and 44, they spend an average of $43.66. And between the ages of 45 and 54, they spend an average of $42.37. Thats remarkably consistent and perhaps points towards a societal expectation that guys should always be doing something to celebrate Valentines Day.Men ages 55 to 64 spent the most. On average, they spend $60.42. The previous male age groups averaged around $41. Thats an almost $20 jump! Maybe after spending 30 years averaging around $41 per Valentines Day, older men need to step up their game for their partners, who may have grown tired of the same old, same old V-Day routine.Women over 65 are the only group that spends more than their male counterparts.  Were just going to speculate wildly that this correlates  with women having a longer average lifespan  than men. Clearly, theyre getting back out on there on the dating scene and experiencing the romance of Valentines Day anew!Further Reading:If you and your S.O. share a lot of nerdy sci-fi passions, check out our post where we ca lculate  how much it would cost  to fly to every  Star Wars filming location.If youre worried about your partners poor credit, check out our post on how a partners bad credit can affect you.Want to buy your S.O. some Bitcoin for Valentines Day? Heres our take.Just got dumped and want to spend that Valentines Day money on literally anything else? Well, they say the best revenge is living well, so why not take that money and plow it into one of our four mini-money resolutions for 2018?How much do you plan on spending this Valentines Day? We  want to hear from you!  You can  email us  or you can find us on  Facebook  and  Twitter.

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How to Write and Create YouTube Videos Like a Pro

How to Write and Create YouTube Videos Like a Pro With more than 1.5 billion users, YouTube is second only to Facebook in its worldwide reach and appeal. In fact, according to this Hootsuite article, Seventy percent of viewers use YouTube to help solve a problem with work, school, or hobbies, and 86 percent said they regularly use YouTube to learn new things. Among millennials, the numbers for self-directed learning are even higher: 93 percent of them use YouTube to find out how to do things.Marketing on YouTubeWhat these numbers mean for marketers is that YouTube is the perfect platform to attract and engage potential clients and audiences for their brand or business. This graphic from shows how YouTube trails only Facebook for acquiring views, engagement and purchases:Views, engagement and purchases for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and InstagramGetting startedWhether you are a self-published writer or small business owner, its easy to see how YouTube is an excellent platform for building and engaging an audience on you r social media accounts, blog, and website. With the rate of online sales consistently growing, reaching a wider audience on YouTube could be just what you need to gain more exposure and success in your entrepreneurial efforts. So how do you get started? Well, you start just like Hollywood does before it films videosâ€"with an idea and a script.Think of something helpful that you can provideSince we know that audiences are coming to YouTube primarily for self-directed learning, the first questions you should consider are these: What content can I provide that would be helpful to someone? What is my area of expertise? What knowledge do I have that someone might want to learn?For example, a self-published writer would know about the process of self-publishing and could provide insider tips to others who have not done it yet. A business offering cleaning services would know about environmentally friendly cleaning products and how to find them. An artist would know about color theory an d elements of design and could easily share that expert knowledge with a larger audience interested in it for their own projects.When creating content for YouTube, its important to consider why most audiences use the platform and how you can become a part of that to advertise your book, business, services, or brand. Keep in mind that these audiences arent coming to YouTube to hear advertisements or sales pitches. They are coming to learn something from someone who has more expertise in the topic than they have. So, dont give them a sales pitchâ€"that wont work to attract and engage. Rather, teach them something. Its really that simple.Determine your roleDepending on your advertising or marketing budget and the resources you have access to, your role might be limited or all-encompassing. Its really up to you to decide, based on your knowledge and equipment.To create content for YouTube, youll need the following:A script writerAn actor/speakerSomeone to operate the camera (or a tripod )A setting that will be optimal for uninterrupted recordingSomeone to edit the raw footage into a seamless video (if there are cuts) in post-productionIn many cases, particularly for those who are familiar with video recording technology and software, you could be performing every role in the process. However, if you are not familiar with the software, youll likely need someone who is, especially if you have the budget for it. The more professional the video looks, the more it will engage and attract an audience.Writing the scriptWhile movie screenplays note things like fade ins, transitions, voice overs and dialogue, the script youll need for your YouTube content will likely be much less specific. This is especially true if you will be both the writer and the actor or speaker. Movie screenplays note what characters should be doing and film editing instructions, so much of what youll include on the script depends on how much of the acting, recording and editing youll be doing for th e content, and how organized you want to be in the process.The purpose of the script is to set the scene, give direction to whomever is shooting the movie or video (along with any technical crew involved), and provide the dialogue for the speaker(s). In a movie script, if there is a voiceover, that would be noted. In the same sense, when writing a YouTube script, youll want to include anything that might be written as text beside you later in the video editing processâ€"especially if someone other than you will be editing it.Here are some tips to consider as you write:A script is a creative work and should be treated like one. Expect to fine-tune it as you would any piece of writing, and expect to go through multiple drafts and edits before its right.Depending on how you format the script, a three to five-minute video could be seven to ten pages of writing (or more). Its important to consider how fast the speaker(s) will be speaking and the length of the video you wish to make as yo u are writing.In the post-production process, consider using images, photos, and other graphic elements, in addition to music.Use a word processor for shorter videos, since no special formatting is needed to create a script. For more advanced scripts, you can download software such as Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter.If someone else will be operating the camera and/or completing post-production editing, include as many details as you can about camera angles, shooting location, speakers movement and when sound effects or music should be played.Finding the right settingWhen you begin the initial stages of planning your video and writing your script, youll need to consider the right setting for recording it. If you are an author and have a desk in a well-lit room, the perfect setting to record might be there. If youre creating YouTube content for a business or service and will need to add graphics or text as visual, you might want to consider buying a professional green-screen s etup (also known as a Chromakey screen).This video is an excellent introduction to why green screens are used, how to set one up correctly, how to light the backdrop and actor for both indoor and outdoor shooting, as well as the optimal camera settings to use when recording. The more knowledge you gain about how the professionals do it, the more professional your video will look. And whats moreâ€"its information youre learning by watching YouTube videos! See why theyre so important in marketing right now?Performing the scriptIf you will be the speaker or actor of your video, you should also be the one to write the script. The main reason for this is youll want to write it in your own voice. Otherwise, your performance will look stilted and forced.There are two different approaches to performing the script and youll want to choose on or the other based on how comfortable you are on camera. If youre not very comfortable on camera or feel nervous being on that side of the lens, youll w ant to memorize your script as much as possibleâ€"just as any actor would do when given a script in Hollywood.The point of memorizing a script is to become comfortable enough with the words to speak them on camera. Rod Rowling, a professional actor and acting coach, suggests spending at least 15 hours per five to seven-minute scene memorizing the script. If youve written the content and are an expert in the topic, you might not need this long, but its a good estimate of the time professional actors spend in order to perform their role convincingly and confidently on screen.A quick note on post-productionSince this article focuses on the writing part of creating a video, we wont go into the detailed work that is needed in the editing process. Much of the final look of the video will be obtained during post-production, so this is one part where youll want to make sure you have the right equipment and knowledge before attempting to do on your own. However, there are many freelancers on line willing to help with this kind of video editing work, and it would be worth the money to hire one if you are unable to do it correctly yourself.

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Health promotion in physical activity Free Essay Example, 1250 words

The urban planning and environment sector can begin by renovating the neighbourhoods to make them more appealing thus facilitating walking and cycling. Urban sprawl and other similar designs should be discouraged (Ewing, Shmid, Killingsworth, Zlot & Raudenbush 2003:56) and the community urged to participate in urban planning and policing to create safer neighbourhoods. The workplaces can promote physical activity in their employees through various ways, for example, supporting gym memberships, agreeing on a physical activity plan with the employees and fostering of a physically active organizational culture by employers. Preventing sedentary lifestyles Even though they play a prime role in promoting a physically active life it should not be the sole responsibility of local governments and other relevant sectors. It all adds up to the willingness of the individual to maintain an active lifestyle. The person should make sure that they incorporate as much physical activity as possible in their daily lives. The daily physical activity recommendation for an adult according to the WHO is at least thirty minutes of moderate to intense physical activity most, if not all, days in the week for adults (Pate et al. We will write a custom essay sample on Health promotion in physical activity or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now 1995:402) and one hour of moderate to intense exercise for five or more days weekly for children and youth (Strong et al. 2005:732). These durations can be split into shorter periods of not less than 10 minutes each. Achieving the required time for physical exercise is easy without necessarily enrolling in the gym. There are many ways in which one can include physical activity in their daily routine, for instance, walking or cycling instead of driving to work, taking the stairs instead of elevators, parking the car at a distance from the workplace and taking lunchtime walks just to mention a few. Research also shows that having a pet can help one increase their daily physical activity levels. Dog owners were found to exercise more than non-dog owners since they take time to walk their dogs and play with them in the parks and around the neighbourhood (Brown & Rhodes 2006:131). Having a dog for company during walks is a good idea, and it can also increase one’s level of exercise when playing with them (Foster & Hillsdon 2004: 755-769). The local government can also make it easier for residents to engage in physical activities during their leisure time, especially those that cannot afford to pay for expensive gym sessions or sports. In Kardikoy, Turkey, for instance, the local government has set up walkways and exercise equipment in public parks for people to use in the open air; especially those who cannot afford to pay for gym membership or don’t have the time (Edwards & Tsouros 2006:14).